Hao Kong

konghao AT pku.edu.cn

Ph.D. candidate

Peking University


I am to be a fourth-year CS PhD student at Peking University (PKU). Here I am lucky enough to work with Prof. Zhouchen Lin. Before studying in PKU, I obtained my bachelor’s degree from University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) in 2016.


  • Low Rank Recovery
  • Tensor Learning
  • Machine Learning


  • PhD in Intelligent Science and Technology, 2016-Now

    Peking University

  • BSc in Computer Science, 2012-2016

    University of Science and Technology Beijing

Publications @ZERO Lab

Maximum-and-Concatenation Networks. ICML, 2020.

We propose a novel multi-layer DNN structure termed MCN, which can approximate some class of continuous functions arbitrarily well even …

t-Schatten- p Norm for Low-Rank Tensor Recovery. JSTSP, 2018.

We propose a new definition of tensor Schatten-p norm (t-Schatten-p norm) based on t-SVD, and prove that this norm has similar …