Matrix Completion

Subspace Clustering Based Tag Sharing for Inductive Tag Matrix Refinement with Complex Errors

We propose an image annotation framework which sequentially performs tag completion and refinement

Image Tag Completion and Refinement by Subspace Clustering and Matrix Completion

We formulate the tag completion problem in a subspace clustering model which assumes that images are sampled from subspaces, and complete the tags using the state-of-the-art Low Rank Representation (LRR) method.

A New Retraction for Accelerating the Riemannian Three-Factor Low-Rank Matrix Completion Algorithm

We proposed a new retraction for the quotient manifold used in R3MC, which is a geometric optimization algorithm for the matrix completion problem.

Linearized Alternating Direction Method with Parallel Splitting and Adaptive Penalty for Separable Convex Programs in Machine Learning

We propose linearized alternating direction method with parallel splitting and adaptive penalty for efficiently solving linearly constrained multi-variable separable convex programs, which are abundant in machine learning.