The Augmented Homogeneous Coordinates Matrix Based Projective Mismatch Removal for Partial-Duplicate Image Search


Mismatch removal is a key step in many computer vision problems that involve point matching. The existing methods for checking geometric consistency mainly focus on similarity or affine transformations. In this paper, we propose a novel mismatch removal method that can cope with the projective transformation between two corresponding point sets. Our approach is based on the augmented homogeneous coordinates matrix constructed from the coordinates of anchor matches, whose degeneracy can indicate the correctness of anchor matches. The set of anchor matches is initially all the matches and is iteratively updated by calculating the difference between the estimated matched points, which can be easily computed in a closed form, and the actually matched points and removing those with large differences. Experimental results on synthetic 2D point matching data sets and real image matching data sets verify that our method achieves the highest F -score among all the methods under similarity, affine, and projective transformations with noises and outliers. Our method can also achieve faster speed than all other iterative methods. Those non-iterative methods with slight advantage in speed are not competitive in accuracy when compared with ours. We also show that the set of anchor matches is stable through the iteration and the computation time grows very slowly with respect to the number of matched points. When applied to mismatch removal in partial-duplicate image search, our method achieves the best retrieval precision, and its computing time is also highly competitive.

IEEE Trans. Image Processing